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Our Mission - Optimal Eye Surgery Results

New eye surgery technologies provide options to our patients that they never had before. New vision correction surgical techniques, including new types of IOLs (intraocular lenses), such as the ReSTOR Toric lens, and new Nidek’s pre-surgery simulation of future vision allow each patient the opportunity to have optimal vision. We are proud to offer the most advanced eye care to our cataract and glaucoma patients. Our mission is to provide outstanding quality of care and service to every person who walks through our door. We strive to provide the patient with the latest technology, medical advances, the most informative consultations, and the highest standards of surgical care. We believe in keeping our patients happy, informed and satisfied. The integrity, honesty, and compassion we have for our patients will never waver. Our goal is to keep lifelong patients by meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. The doctor you choose can greatly influence the outcome of your surgery. Dr. Andriy Hudz has performed thousands of successful glaucoma and cataract surgeries and his experience can make a difference. Don't let just anyone perform your eye surgery. Contact Vizex and experience the difference.

Our Services

Vizex is the advanced eye surgery center for the city of Lviv and all surrounding communities in the Western Ukraine. Our clinic specializes in eye surgery, advanced diagnostics, comprehensive eye care and vision technology. Our team includes three surgeons, a retina specialist and five general ophthalmologists.

The range of treatment covers the following list of services:

  • Geriatric Ophthalmology
  • Routine and Emergency Eye Examinations
  • Diabetes Screening
  • Cataract Surgery and Lens Implants
  • Medical and Surgical management of Glaucoma
  • Laser treatment of Glaucoma
  • OCT scanning for Glaucoma Diagnosis and Macular Diseases
  • Intravitreal anti- VEGF treatment for AMD, diabetic PDR and retina vein occlusions
  • Screening for keratoconus and other corneal ectasia
  • Keratoconus treatment – corneal cross-linking of collagen
  • Laser treatment of Diabetic retinopathy and other retinal diseases
  • Excimer laser vision correction (LASEK, LASIK, OptiLASIK)

Premium Diagnostics and Surgery in the city of Lviv, Ukraine

When patients make a decision to have an eye surgery, one of the biggest considerations is which surgeon to choose. In an area as large as the Western Ukraine you may have several options available, so how do you determine who is the best qualified to perform your vision correction? You should demand the latest technology, unsurpassed personal attention, and a highly skilled Doctor. That's what you receive at Vizex.

Most doctors do not have the luxury of having a sophisticated surgical or diagnostic center on their premises; however, at Vizex we believe it is an important factor in providing quality service. We have a state of the art diagnostic and surgery facility with only the modern equipment on site. Our doctors are highly trained on all of our devices, and we are conveniently located on Naukova avenue, not far from the city ring and the international Kiev-Chop highway.

At some eye centers, patients only see the doctor briefly when he's actually performing the surgery. Not at Vizex. We hold a high standard of personal attention, and Dr. Hudz sees patients for pre- and post-operative evaluations. He takes the time to personally answer all your questions.

When it's your eyes, you deserve experienced, medical expertise. In 20 years of practicing Dr. Andriy Hudz has performed more than 30 thousand of successful cataract and glaucoma surgeries. Don't settle for less than a highly skilled doctor and personal attention when it comes to your eyes.

Don't settle for less than Vizex. Our patients receive the highest quality eye care at Vizex. Contact us to schedule an eye diagnostics with our doctors.

Premiere Eye Surgeon in the city of Lviv

Andriy Hudz, Ph.D. - Certified Ophthalmologist, Chief of the Lviv Medical University Ophthalmology Department, Chief of the Lviv Regional Eye Microsurgery Center and Head of the Lviv Regional Association of Ophtalmologists.

Dr. Hudz graduated from the Lviv State Medical Institute in 1989 and completed his ophthalmology residency at the Ophthalmology Department of Lviv Regional Hospital. He completed his first fellowship in Anterior Segment Surgery with Dr. Sergienko, President of the Ukrainian Association of Eye Surgeons, at the Filatov Eye Institute in Odessa and subsequently earned a scholarship from the University of Vienna.

Dr. Hudz is a highly trained and educated eye surgeon experienced in the most advanced surgical procedures and technologies. Throughout his career, Dr. Hudz has been the recipient of many honors and awards. He is one of the few Ukrainian surgeons trained in multifocal IOL surgery technology. Dr. Hudz has performed thousands of surgical procedures and specializes in cataracts, glaucomas, astigmatism and presbyopia (reading glasses) correction.

Dr. Hudz is a member of Ukrainian Ophthalmology Association, American Academy of Ophthalmology, American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons, European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons, European Vitreous and Retinal Surgeons Society, Ukrainian Pediatric Ophthalmology Society, Ukrainian Association of Eye Surgeons, Ukrainian Association of Glaucoma and Neuroophthalmology Society.

Dr. Hudz is uniquely qualified to address questions or concerns his patients may have about surgery. He continues to teach ophthalmology and eye surgery to fellow doctors and surgeons, and has published more than 100 articles in medical journals and publications. He is also a Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology sharing his expertise in the field. With Dr. Hudz Vizex is proud to be one of the most advanced Surgery Centers in the Western Ukraine. If you decided to ask Dr. Hudz, please submit your question on-line. Please, do not leave emergency email messages for the doctor.

If you have an emergency, please contact our office directly at +380 32 244 70 70.